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Cookie Plug 
Keto Snickerdoodle Cookie

The Calvin Keto Snickerdoodle Cookie

Thick stacks of cinnamon cookies

Calvin’s Keto Snickerdoodle: Rollin’ with Flavor in the Gangsta Game of Keto Delights!

Welcome to the Cookie Plug, where we’re droppin’ keto snickerdoodle cookie bombs that’ll blow your taste buds away.

We’re talkin’ low-carb cookies but with swagger. Picture this: cinnamon-spiced perfection, wrapped in a guilt-free package. It’s like a flavor heist in your mouth, and the only thing missin’ is the guilt. So, slide through, grab a batch, and let your taste buds join the keto revolution. We’re here to keep it real, keep it gangsta, and keep it keto, baby!

Erryday hook ups

Stack em up Sunday

Buy 4  Phatties and a Drank, Get 3  Phatties Free

Munchie Monday

Half Sack for $20

Tap in Tuesday

Buy 3 Phatties and 2 Dranks, get 2 Phatties FREE

It's lit Wednesday

Two Doughp Sacks for $22

Turnt Thursday

Buy a Half Sack and get a set of Poppers for Free

Friday Flex

$5 off a Fat Sack

Smash out Saturday

Two Half Sacks for $35