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Cookie Plug Chocolate Chip Cookie

The O.G. Chocolate Chip Cookie

stacks of thick, warm chocolate chip cookies

The best chocolate chip Cookies on the streets

Cookie Plug has many types of cookies, but If you’re wanting a straight classic then the O.G. Chocolate Chip Cookie is for you.  Think thick, rich chunks of ooey gooey chocolate. Perfect for milk and cookies. Our cookies are part cake, part brownie, and of course, part cookie all rolled into one thick, fat warm cookie stack.

Erryday hook ups

Sunday Stash

Buy 3, get a Free Secret Stash Cookie (bump for $15)

Mash-Up Monday 

Get 7 Remixed cookies for $20, try all 13 flavors

Tiny Tuesday

Get 24 poppers for $15

Stack em’ Wide Wednesday

Half Sack and Drank for $20

Thicc Thighs Thursday

Iced Up Phatty and Drink for $10

Fido Friday

Free Liquid Death or Free Doggystyle with Bump Sack

Super Size Saturday

Get a fat sack for the price of a half sack.