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Cookie Plug Poppers Mini Cookies

We’re droppin’ somethin’ special for ya: Plug Poppers Mini Cookies, the tiniest, baddest bites in town. These ain’t just cookies, they’re the legends of the miniature game.

Mini cookies in assorted flavors with purple cookie bites, sugar cookie bites with sprinkles, marshmallow graham smores cookie bites, and many more flavors.

Mini Cookies: Don’t let the size fool ya,

These little monsters pack a punch of flavor that’ll leave ya beggin’ for more. We’re talkin’ max taste in a mini poptop.

The smallest cookie, but the biggest flavor punch: Poppers prove that dynamite comes in small packages. 

Not just Small Chocolate Chip Cookies, Try All 12 for Big Boss Flavor:

Each Popper is loaded with chocolate chips and many more goods, givin’ you a symphony of flavor that’ll make ya weak in the knees. Don’t stop there, we got miniature peanut butter cup cookies for the nutty gang, purple velvet mini cookies for the royals, and mini sugar cookies for those that want a straight sugar high. Whatever your chosen cookie flavor is, we’re your hook up.


Erryday hook ups

Stack em up Sunday

Buy 4  Phatties and a Drank, Get 3  Phatties Free

Munchie Monday

Half Sack for $20

Tap in Tuesday

Buy 3 Phatties and 2 Dranks, get 2 Phatties FREE

It's lit Wednesday

Two Doughp Sacks for $22

Turnt Thursday

Buy a Half Sack and get a set of Poppers for Free

Friday Flex

$5 off a Fat Sack

Smash out Saturday

Two Half Sacks for $35