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COOKIE PLUG Purple Haze COOKIE with white chocolate chips


Thick stacks of purple red velvet cake cookies

A deep purple criminal combo of white chocolate chips smuggled into a top-secret white chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Feast your eyes on the Purple Haze Cookie – the baddest cookie in town straight outta Cookie Plug’s stash. We’re talking about a symphony of luxury, with premium ingredients handpicked for their street cred in the cookie game. Each Purple Haze cookie is a rich ticket to chewy perfection – a soft, melt-in-your-mouth experience that’ll have you double-crossing your diet without remorse. Part cake, part brownie, and part cookie.

Erryday hook ups

Sunday Stash

Buy 3, get a Free Secret Stash Cookie (bump for $15)

Mash-Up Monday 

Get 7 Remixed cookies for $20, try all 13 flavors

Tiny Tuesday

Get 24 poppers for $15

Stack em’ Wide Wednesday

Half Sack and Drank for $20

Thicc Thighs Thursday

Iced Up Phatty and Drink for $10

Fido Friday

Free Liquid Death or Free Doggystyle with Bump Sack

Super Size Saturday

Get a fat sack for the price of a half sack.